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Jier's durable, ultra-light, and eco-friendly titanium water bottles, flasks, and military canteen make your journey lighter than you can imagine. They will be your trusted companions for staying hydrated anytime.


Yes, the Titanium Bottles and Canteens are dishwasher safe.
Our Water Bottles, Flasks, and Canteens have an abrasive sandblasted finish. This provides a uniform appearance and removes any natural discoloration. We do not apply coatings or linings to our products to maintain the durability of the titanium.
Absolutely! Don't hesitate to contact us via email or direct message on social media, and we will gladly assist you in purchasing a replacement lid.
Yes, the water bottle and canteens can be used on a stove or campfire, but please make sure to remove the lid before doing so. To prevent burns, we recommend using a pot lifter.
We exclusively use pure grades of titanium in our titanium products.