Hiking in Fortress Hill, Hong Kong in late May

HongKong, China

Fortress Hill is located in the Eastern District of Hong Kong Island, bordering the Wan Chai District to the west. It is also part of the famous Wilson Trail and the resting place of the legendary musician, Wong Ka Kui. This trip was a combination of hiking and paying tribute to this great artist.

Getting There

After getting off at the MTR Yau Tong Station, you’ll be greeted by the iconic “Monster Building” – a densely packed residential complex.

The Hike

We found an old-looking hiking trail in Fortress Hill and started our ascent. It’s important to note that in May, mosquitoes are abundant, so be prepared to keep moving.

Lingnan Ancient Temple

This typical Hong Kong temple sits on a mountain with excellent “feng shui.” These temples are dedicated to local deities and are believed to be at least a century old.

Capturing the Scenery

Using our Jier Phone Tripod, we took photos and videos of the beautiful scenery. The only downside was the pesky mosquitoes!

Reaching the Summit

Continuing along the trail, we reached the top, where we were rewarded with breathtaking views of Hong Kong Island and the bridge connecting it to Kowloon.

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