Capturing memories is part of traveling.

It should be accessible to everyone anytime without waiting for someone to shoot.

If you’re concerned about memories fading without proper preservation,

This ultralight tripod, which fits right in your pocket, is your pocket-sized solution to it.

Ultralight, Durable

Ultra-light aluminum pole extends from 11” to 52” for close-up.

A standard screw mount accommodates most devices(Insta360 Invisible).

360 ball head to achieve horizon-level pictures on uneven ground.

Rechargeable Bluetooth remote captures from up to 33ft away.

0.68 Pounds, lightweight & portable, it perfectly fits in the pocket.

Ultralight Choice

Things to consider before buying:

It weighs just 0.68 pounds, making it ultra-lightweight and perfect for portability during your travels. Although it’s strong for its size, remember that in windy conditions, it might not be as stable as larger tripods, especially when fully extended.

Jier is committed to honest business practices and fair trade, encouraging all users to maximize the utility of their products.

If you’ve made it this far and are still considering owning it, chances are you’re a light traveler like us. In that case, we suggest adding rocks, backpacks, or any available items to the tripod legs for extra stability while keeping your load light.

360 Rotation Ball Head

Uneven terrain is so common while traveling. 360° rotating ball enables frame flexibility no matter how bumpy the ground gets.

The phone clamp securely holds bulky phones without being too tight, and the wide rubber grips accommodate bulky phone cases.

Rechargeable Remote Shutter

Jier strongly advocates for a built-in rechargeable battery solution, addressing Green concerns and the inconvenience of hunting for a rare coin battery in a remote town before embarking on your Machu Picchu hike.

To perceive the world beyond news and biases,reinventing oneself is a bold adventure, equally scary and liberating.

As you experience the joys and challenges of different cultures,when you feel the urge to capture these moments with visuals,this tripod offers a lightweight solution right in your pocket.

Pocket tripod, you are your own travel companion