Product Photo Shoot 1: Hiking in Sai Kung, Hong Kong

SaiKung, HongKong

To showcase the Jier Phone Tripod’s exceptional performance during outdoor adventures, we embarked on a hike through the breathtaking MacLehose Trail Sections 1 and 2 in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. Our mission: to capture stunning photos along the way and highlight them on our new phone tripod listing page.

As we ventured deeper into the trail, we stumbled upon a picturesque stream, its crystal-clear waters cascading over smooth stones. This idyllic setting presented the perfect opportunity to capture the Jier Phone Tripod in action.

With a few swift adjustments, we extended the tripod to its full glory, reaching an impressive 52.5 inches – taller than the average human neck. Its sturdy construction provided unwavering support, even amidst the uneven rocks.

The magic of the Jier Phone Tripod didn’t stop there. Its 360-degree pan proved invaluable, allowing us to achieve perfectly level shots despite the challenging terrain. This feature, a favorite of our product designers, saved us from countless frustrating retakes.

To test its resilience, we even dared to dip the tripod into the cool waters of the stream. The result? The Jier Phone Tripod emerged unscathed, its performance as flawless as ever. Even after months of use, it continues to function like a champ.

Finally, we shot a slow-motion video, just for viewing pleasure.

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