We’ve been working on some interesting things lately

We’ve been thinking about how to make our phone tripods more versatile. Users might need a lighter and shorter tripod that can be used in more everyday scenarios. So we’ve been experimenting with a tripod that folds down to less than 20cm when collapsed.

I’m holding a prototype of what we’ve been working on. First, it’s short enough to easily fit in a pocket or bag when folded down. It’s also great for use on a desk, like in a library or at home, as a convenient phone stand (it can even work with MagSafe accessories for a smoother experience).

When extended, the height is suitable for setting it on a table to take group photos with family. It can also stably support a camera.

Of course, this is still in the testing and development stage, and there may be even better results to come. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy these products.

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