Why Jier?

why jier?

We still haven’t figured out an ideal brand name when it’s about time to put a name on the product.

“How about Ji-er?”Two of us were always hopping on the nearest subway named ‘bu Ji’ to start the day,  

 “Because we start from here every day.”

I was still wandering around Latin America with a poor network. I hesitated: Jier? pronounced like ‘here’ in Spanish.. a bit odd. But we didn’t get enough time to figure out a perfect, impressive brand name that wasn’t taken. 

I chose to believe that’s ok. Oftentimes we must keep rolling with uncertainty and imperfection, isn’t it? 

Let’s start from Jier.


People teach me how to pronounce "Jier". #Jier #Selfie Stick http://www.jieroutdoor.com@Ola.lin

♬ original sound – jieroutdoor

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